Astonishing GELOSOPHY Start Up Kit
Gelosophy Start Up Kit
- Blue Scrub 100ml
-180/180 Traditional Straight,
-240/240 Traditional Straight
-White Block,
-Nail Wipes 20 pcs,
-Soak Off Stretch Base Crystal 7ml
-Gelosophy #003 RED 7 ml,
-Soak Off No-Cleanse Brilliant Top 7ml
-Argane Oil
-Cuticle Remover
-Dust Brush
50,00 CHF
Starter Set First Gel Gel Polish
Starter Set First Gel Gel Polish
Set besteht aus:
-1 Rolle Zeletten
-First Gel Bond Primer
-First Gel Base Rubber
-First Gel Top Coat
-100ml Cleaner
-1 Stk Polierfeile Lila
-1 Stk Zebrafeie 180/180
-1 Stk Nagelbürste
-1Stk Nagelhautschieber
80,00 CHF
Gelosophy Starter Kit mit Lampe
Gelosophy Starter Kit
Perfect for everyone who wants to get started with Gelosophy. This Gelosophy Starter Kit contains all necessary products. Save Money with this kit instead of buying every essential product individually.
Content:            First Gel Bond Primer
                        Gelosophy Stretch Base Gel 15 ml
                         Gelosophy Top Gel
                         Cleaner 100 ml
                         Soak Off Remover 100 ml
                         Entferner Werkzeug
                         1 Feilen 180/180
                         50 Stk. Foil Nail Wrapes
                         500 Stk.Zelletten
                         1 Staubbürste
                         1 Polier-Feile violett
                         1 Portable LED Lampe
                         1 Schritt für Schritt-Anleitung
115,00 CHF
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